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Ivan Raynovski Master Personal Trainer of Transform Your Body Maidenhad

Ivan Raynovski

Head coach

Transform Your Body is the most effective weight loss, fat burning and muscle toning indoor and outdoor fitness bootcamp in Maidenhead

Watch the video below to learn more about us and our mission

Lose up to two stone and two clothing sizes in 8 weeks! 100% money back guarantee

For 6 weeks with Transform Your Body Maidenhead, Bilyana lost one stone of fat and one dress size!


Jo has lost 3 stone and 3 dress sizes on our training programme so far and has never felt fitter and healthier!

Our group training programme includes the following:

Fun and diverse training  sessions focused on burning maximum calories and providing rapid results

Healthy eating plan and nutritional advice to fit your goals

Unlimited contact and support provided by an expert coach and a community of like-minded people who are as hungry for achieving their goals as YOU are

Guaranteed improvements in fitness levels and overall health

3 highly effective group training sessions per week suitable for all fitness levels

Are you tired of training without any or with minimal results? 

Do you struggle with sticking to an exercise routine?

Are you tired of wasting money on gym memberships which you don't actually use?

Do you wish there was someone who could do all the planning and all you need to do is to show up and train with guaranteed results?

Are you tired of trying various diets with no LASTING success?

Do you want to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF, lose the excess weight which you are carrying, get fitter and healthier?

If the answer of any of these questions is YES then Transform Your Body Maidenhead is the right place for you!

With us, you DO NOT need a gym membership. Our program is designed in a way which gives you 3 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE 50 minute training sessions per week which are enough for you to achieve and exceed your goals and the results you are looking for.

Bootcamp Maidenhead | Transform Your Body

Tanya lost one stone of fat and 12 inches of her waist and hips for 8 weeks with Transform Your Body Maidenhead

Maidenhead Fit Camp offers the unique combination of personal training precision and group training spirit combined together. Unlike standard bootcamps, here the focus is on YOU.

Every detail is important and you will have our full support every step of the way. No question is insignificant.


Your goals are our mission!

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